Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to you, and we appreciate your confidence in entrusting your personal information to us. Every effort will be made to keep your personal information safe. This paper contains information about how we safeguard your data.

If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please feel free to contact us. As a result, it explains to you what your duties are to us and how you can fulfill them. You may rest certain that any personal information you provide to us will be used in line with the requirements of these conditions and the GDPR.

As in our sports betting terms and conditions, we utilize the same terminology in our privacy policy.

Unless stated otherwise, this policy governs the collection, use, and distribution of your personal information.

Personal information about you and others is collected when you place a wager on a sporting event through our site.

The choice is yours: You can provide us with your personal information, or you can opt not to disclose it to us. If you use our sports betting or contact us, we will have access to all of the information you provide. We may make use of the information you provide about yourself in the following ways:

Creating an account requires you to enter your email address.

When you sign up for an online betting site, you have several options: a photo of yourself, your country of residence, and a username for certain betting sites.

To make our material (optional) your own, you can select your favorite sports and odds format.

You must present a picture ID, proof of address, your name, surname, and address when you use our Shop to receive money or a prize. According to KYC (know-your-customer) guidelines, we require proof that you are who you claim to be. In the event of an AML (anti-money laundering) audit by Malta’s financial regulators, we must retain the records. In addition to proving your age, these documents serve as proof that you are of legal drinking age.

For the services you’ve requested, we may need to gather additional information about your identity before we may do so.

This information is required if you decide to upgrade to Premium (optional). Your credit card information is not stored or processed by this service.

Our sports betting service may gather the following categories of personal information about you when you use our service.

Your device’s unique identity and geolocation will be collected via cookies when you access the Platform. Your IP address will be recorded as well.

The frequency with which you use our platform, the websites you browse, and the third parties with whom you interact via clicks on the advertising units on our platform reveal a lot about your sports betting habits.

Sports betting uses cookies to improve and simplify the service for you while also gathering statistics on how you use the site. Your computer or smartphone has a “cookie,” a little text file that stores information about your preferences. It is filled with text data. We utilize both session and long-term cookies to provide you with the best possible experience.

Rejecting cookies is preferable to allowing them. When cookies are transmitted, you have the option to see them, or you can turn them off completely. Please be advised that disabling cookies may cause issues with certain aspects of the sports betting site.

To provide you with sports betting and fulfill our responsibilities to you, we collect and retain your personal information as described below. The following guidelines govern how we handle personal information.

To get started, go to this page:

What we do is based on the contractual obligations we have to you.

First and third-party information is listed in Section (s).

We store the data for 30 days after the account has been closed.

The Platform must be available to you and your account must be managed by us as part of our contractual duties.

Numbers with three digits in all three positions are known as Social Security numbers.

After the account has been closed for 30 days.

To ensure that you and your device are both happy with what you’re looking at, we’ve done the following:

We do what we do because of our contractual obligations to you.

What you can expect:

Concurrently with the web session

So we can send you information and offers that we believe will be of interest to you:

Therefore, you must fulfill your part of the agreement we have with you.

Numbers with three digits in all three positions are known as Social Security numbers.

After the account has been closed for 30 days.

We do what we do because of our contractual obligations to you.

Personal information:

To the extent that is necessary to assist you.

The following legal rights are yours:

Individuals have the legal right to inspect their data. There is an option for you to request a transcript of the information we hold on you. You must send any correspondence regarding this topic in writing, along with verification of your identification, to the address provided below.

When it comes to your personal information, we do our best to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date at all times. You are entitled to request that any personal information that is inaccurate or incomplete be corrected. Be confident in letting us know if any of the data we have on you is incorrect, and email us the updated information.

Personal data can be deleted as long as it is no longer needed to fulfill the purpose for which it was gathered. Your information cannot be deleted in a short period due to accounting and anti-money laundering regulations. It is illegal to utilize data for any other purpose than what is mandated by law.

You can object to our use of your personal information if you like. Because of this, sports bettors may no longer be able to do so. Do not be concerned about our use of your personal information ceasing if you do not like it.

You have a legal right to move your data around. You can get in touch with us by using the information provided below.

The best way to get in touch with us is to send us an email or call us.

Personal information is safe with us because we’ve taken the necessary precautions to prevent it from being accessed, abused, or lost by anyone who shouldn’t have access to it. It is only accessible to those who need it to administer the Platform.

Policy Modification: We reserve the right to modify this statement at any moment. The sportsbook or some other method of communication, like email, will notify you if we make significant changes. Accepting the modifications after you’ve been informed of them is a condition of continued usage of the Platform.

Our privacy policies are subject to change without notice, so please check back frequently.